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Wood chunks on charcoal
Wood chunks on charcoal

Birch: A flavour similar to maple. Good with pork, poultry and stronger flavoured fish. Salmon smoked in birch is a classic.

We grow our own Birch trees here in Lancashire, planted amongst our coppices specifically for making sustainably sourced logs and wood chunks for use in BBQ’s, Smoke Pits and wood fired pizza ovens.

We can supply in any quantities to suit your needs and this can be freshly cut (with notice) or fully seasoned (the hazel chunks will have been air dried for at least 12 months).

Birch can be supplied as:

Birch logs and split logs cut to approx 10″ to suit most offset smoker fireboxes. £1.50/kg

Birch wood chunks are sawn and split to size ready to sit on top of charcoal to impart smoke for a given period of time during the cook. £2.50/kg

Collect from 39 Becconsall Lane, Hesketh Bank, Lancashire, PR4 6RR. Please ring 07834 324080 (office hours please) for appointments