Mixed Hardwood

Fully seasoned mixed hardwoods for use in wood fired pizza ovens and fire pits.

Wood chunks in a patio brazier
Wood chunks in a patio brazier

Our mixed hardwood logs are selected species that impart that authentic wood smoke flavour. We do not include anything that would produce an acrid flavour to your cooking.

For the larger domestic or commercial ovens or for use in fire pits, we can supply mixed hardwood round logs / split logs cut at approx. 250mm long.

For the smaller oven or BBQ we do mixed hardwood branch wood chunks which burn very hot whilst giving out that authentic wood smoked flavour. Wood chunks can be used to maintain oven heats for long periods by frequently topping up with small quantities of chunks without experiencing the downtime that larger logs can bring to an oven.

Wood chunks in a pizza oven
Mixed hardwood branch chunks in a 1.2m pizza oven

Wood chunks are ideal for use in 1.2m or less diameter pizza ovens or as an alternative to charcoal on egg and kettle BBQs. Mixed hardwood branch chunks: £1.50/kg

As a guide, it takes approx 4kg of wood chunks to fully load a 57cm Weber BBQ grill (although it would be unusual to do that). Wood chunks are clean to handle and frequent replenishment is easy so temperatures can be easily maintained.

Weber Mastertouch filled with 4kg of branch wood chunks
4kg of hardwood Branch Chunks in a 57cm Weber Master Touch

Our wood chunks have been sustainably grown here on the farm, processed on the farm and are only sold from the farm. They are priced to be a practical alternative to both charcoal and briquettes.

Collect from 39 Becconsall Lane, Hesketh Bank, Lancashire, PR4 6RR
Please ring 07834 324080 (office hours please) for appointments