DIY Firewood

We don’t sell firewood. We planted our coppices for the production of craft woods and smoke woods for BBQ’s and smokers.

We do need to cut a minimum of coppice every year in order to maintain the rotation so, if we have a surplus of wood available in any given season, then we do offer to sell standing timber for others to process into firewood and season themselves.

The quantities involved will never be of interest to commercial operations but are often sought out by local individual DIY producers who enjoy producing their own wood fuel and saving a few pounds.


Cherry Chunks

It takes time to get wood chunks ready for use. This Cherry was harvested in 2016, Split into lengths in 2018 and, today, sawn into chunks ready for sale in summer 2023.

Bandsawing cherry logs into cherry wood chunks

We nearly ran out of Cherry chunks during lockdown but are now fully stocked again of both ready to burn chunks and cherry logs seasoning for future use.

Prices and options: Cherry Wood Chunks


Splitting Alder Logs

It’s that time of year to start preparing the wood ready for next years barbeques.

Splitting alder logs ready for next years barbecue season

We grow our own alder and have had these logs air drying for the two years since they were harvested from our own coppice which was planted specifically for this purpose.

The split logs will now be barn stored prior to sale which will be no earlier than the spring of next year.

Logs will be cut to length to suit most popular smoker firebox sizes but some will be cut to the length specified by the customer and others will be cut up as smaller alder wood chunks for adding a subtle wood smoke flavour when placed on BBQ charcoals.

Prices and options: Alder logs and wood chunks